Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cheapest drinks in Miami

This past Saturday night I ventured over to the newly renamed Midtown Sports Bar on NW 36th St and NW 2nd Ave. This space used to be a hispanic dance club and has recently been turned over for a different clientele. Although the bar is not in one of the most desirable areas of town it is just on the edge of the up and coming Wynwood district. The guarded parking lot added some sense of security. The door guys checking women's purses and patting down the guys made me a little uneasy as to what I was going to find inside though. The room is certainly not the most glamorous place in Miami but it does have the homey corner bar feel that a lot of bars are missing. The L shaped bar in the corner had people from all walks at it. There were a couple of thug looking guys with gold teeth, an older guy who looked like his butt had been occupying that same stool for some time, and a bunch of younger artsy types from the neighboring Wynwood area. The best part of this mish mash of society was that there was absolutely no tension in the room whatsoever. The arty kid was playing pool with the thug. The old hispanic lady was picking out songs on the jukebox with the young punk kid. It was a nice place to be in Miami and not feel like you were being judged because you weren't wearing the newest Prada shoes. If this big pile of unity wasn't selling feature enough, the drinks were the cheapest I have seen in Miami. Domestic drafts were $1.75 and imports were $2.50. Let me repeat that. Domestic drafts were $1.75 and imports were $2.50. No, these weren't happy-hour-on-a-Wednesday prices only. This was a Saturday night at 11pm. My friend ordered a Jameson and that only ran $4.00. Now, I'm not going to go and say this is the mecca of craft beer just because of these prices but they did have Yuengling (which they don't consider an import like a lot of other places) and Stella, along with the usual Bud and Miller selections. If you are looking for a nice, laid back place with cheap drinks then you may want to check out the Midtown Sports Bar.

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  1. I was there for a first time a few weeks ago, fun times. The majority of the place is taken up by the 4 pool tables.

    Might I also recommend Harveys on the Bay. It's in an old American Legion building and has VERY cheap drinks as well.



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