Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Democratic Republic of Beer opens in Miami

With little fanfare, the newest kid on the beer block has opened its doors in Miami. The Democratic Republic of Beer, or The DRB for short, opened its doors on October 15th. The menu states they have over 400 beers, making it the largest beer menu in South Florida. The food options looked pretty good too. I went and checked it out the other night and a full review will be coming soon. I will say that this small bar has the potential to become the new beer destination for anyone interested in craft beer without having to go to South Beach. The DRB is also looking for a knowledgeable staff right now so if you are interested, download the application on the website and bring it.

255 NE 14th St.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) DRB-4161
7 days a week
5pm-5am (will be opening for lunch soon)


  1. Man, as a weekend side gig this wouldn't be a bad option...

  2. A few coworkers and I from the Miami Herald went here last night and really enjoyed it. The prices we're reasonable and the staff was super friendly. It's hard to find something close that serves decent food at later hours too, so I couldn't be more pleased that this place opened up. Two thumbs up.

  3. Well I have a comment about the food. It is disgusting. Decent food? You walk into the bathrooms close to closing and its full of vomit and the employees don't care to clean it up even after you complain. The place is horrible and management is really bad.


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