Monday, November 23, 2009

Growlers Now Available at BX Beer Depot

Florida has some strange laws but this one to me seems to be one of the strangest. You are only allowed to sell containers of beer under 32 oz and over one gallon(128oz). I guess those 96oz in between are the problem ounces.

Starting last Friday, BX Beer Depot is the first in South Florida to offer you the chance to fill growlers. Of course, the growlers have to be either under 32oz or over one gallon. With prices ranging from $13.50 to $25.00 for their lineup this week. And what a lineup it is. Not only are these some really great beers, if you can find them in the bottle, but some of these you can only get on tap. And only at BX Beer Depot. So head on over fill up a growler and bring it home to share with your friends.

Beer lineup:
Stone Anniversary
Stone Cali Belgique
Stone Vertical Epic
Lagunitas Little Sumpin Extra
Left Hand/ Terrapin Depth Charge(only 1 of 2 kegs available in South FL)
Star Hill Pale
Star Hill Love
Star Hill Dark Star Stout
Star Hill Jomo Lager

BX Beer Depot
2964 Second Avenue North
Lake Worth, FL 33461

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  1. Big Sucess!! We sold out of Sublimely Self Righteous, Stone Anniversary and Lagunitas Little Sumpin Extra.


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