Monday, July 19, 2010

Internet Scavenger Hunt

The good people over at the online barware webstore, True Fabrications, recently reached out and wanted to offer up some of their Hopside Down Beer Mugs (see above) for me to giveaway on the site.  I decided instead of just having the first three people to write to me get the mugs that I would make it a little bit more interesting and also give you a chance to check out some other sites in the process. So what we are going to do is have a little online scavenger hunt.  Below I have listed ten questions about my blog and other sites that I enjoy reading and the first three people to send me the correct answers will win a Hopside Down Beer Mug from True Fabrications.  Hopefully this will be something fun and also turn you on to some other great sites in the process.  Good luck.

1. Name a beer that Lebron James will NOT be able to get in Miami that he was able to get in Cleveland.
2. Who won Burger Beast's Burgie Awards for Best Burger?
3. What Pike Brewery beer did Dos Beerigos give the highest rating to?
4. What is Mikelovesbeer's hometown?
5. When did I start the blog?
6. What was my "craft beer epiphany"(as told to The Beer Wench)?
7. What is the only FL pizza place on Worst Pizza's Top 8 pizza places?
8. What is the only beer from Morocco served at The DRB?
9. What Tuesday night event did Abraxas win a New Time's Best Of Award for this year?
10. What were were the four nominees for South Florida Daily Blog's Post of the Month for June?

You can send your answers to

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