Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brooklyn Brewery's Detonation Ale Now Available At The Abbey

Sorry I got to posting this a little late but over the last two days I've work 15 hours at my job followed by getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep before having to get up at 3:30am to get to the American Heart Association Heartwalk to help volunteer for the day.  So after a nap I am finally getting around to posting.  The Abbey, in South Beach, received only two kegs of Brooklyn Brewery's Detonation Ale.  This a very limited beer from Brooklyn's Brewmaster Series.  Ringing in at a 9.2% ABV, this is Double IPA is packing a nice punch.  Here is more info on the beer.

“For about eight years now, we’ve brewed a Brooklyn-style hop monster called BLAST! It’s a robust IPA using both British and Pacific Northwest hops. We haven’t had enough space to brew much of it, but we hear that people really enjoy BLAST! when it shows up. And it’s one of our favorite beers here at the brewery. Well, now we’d like more of you to see our hoppier side. Meet BLAST!’s big brother, Brooklyn Detonation Ale.

It’s a copper-colored pale ale with British malt character, American hop ebullience, Brooklyn attitude and disturbing drinkability. British caramel malts lend richness and depth, while a blend of American hops give the beer a minerally backbone and explosive aromatics (with a special guest appearance by our pal East Kent Golding as ‘The English Aristocrat’).

Brooklyn Detonation Ale is mighty tasty. It probably even gives you fresher breath and whiter teeth, but we can’t prove that part. Nor can we support the claim that it concentrates the mind on life’s better aspects. However, we can guarantee that it’s terrific with pork tacos, Thai food, Indian dishes, burgers, and sharp cheeses. So have yourself some Brooklyn Detonation Ale – after all, isn’t it about time you blew up?”

These two kegs are going to go fast so get down to The Abbey before you miss out.

The Abbey
1115 16th St.
Miami Beach, FL


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