Thursday, November 4, 2010

8oz Burger Bar Starts Beer Club

click on the picture to check out the full list of beers.

Now is the time to become a founding member of 8oz Burger Bar's Burger N Beer Club.  8oz has taken the frequent buyer concept and expanded it a bit.  They will be breaking their beer menu up into sections and once you get through one of those sections you get a prize.  Drink all of the draft beers and you get a t shirt and a free beer.  Drink all of the Craft Bombers and Imports and you get a  $25 gift certificate and a free beer.  Drink all of the Craft 12oz Bottles and you'll receive another $25 gift certificate and a free beer.

Once you have completed all of those sections you will then be a member of the Burger N Beer Club which gives you even more goodies.  You will receive a monogrammed stein used only by you.  You'll also receive 20% off all beer, monthly food discounts, invitations to private beer tastings and a bunch of other stuff they haven't thought up yet.  To get started you'll just have to go to 8oz Burger Bar and ask the bartender for the application, posted above, to fill out and get started drinking.  They will keep the application on file so whenever you come in after just tell them your name and they will keep checking beers of the list.

8oz Burger Bar
1080 Alton Rd.
Miami Beach, FL

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