Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Day For Discount Grovetoberfest Tickets

Tomorrow, October 1st will be the last day to buy your reduced rate Grovetoberfest ticket for only $25 with all fees included.  Click here and enter the discount code SFBB11 to buy tickets now.  Don't miss out on what will be the best beer fest Miami has seen in a while.

And the good people from Grovertoberfest will be hosting their last free tasting next Tuesday, October 4th at Cervezas.  Not only will they have a ridiculous selection of IPA’s and Double IPA’s, but it will be professionally catered by one of thr Kitchen Lab chefs, Chef Pastor Sequera. Free beer, free food, great bar – what else could you want? This is the final free pre-tasting so do not miss it. There is one catch though, they are limiting it to the first 60 people who arrive at Cervezas. The tasting is from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday October 4. Make sure you RSVP and be sure you arrive early.

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