Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rio Station To Replace Zeke's Roadhouse

As I'm sure most of you heard Zeke's Roadhouse has closed its doors.  When I first heard the news I was heartbroken.  Where was I going to go and sit on Lincoln Rd and watch the parade of people while having a good inexpensive beer?  Luckily today my worries were lifted when I met with the new owner of the space where Zeke's once occupied.  Rio Station is the new kid on the block and will be doing some things the same and some different.  First $4 beers will be staying.  The beer selection will still have a good choice of craft beers with the amount pulled back slightly.  The new thing is that you will now be able to get food while you drink.  They will have wraps and salads along with smoothies.  They will also be open every day of the week.  And speaking of opening, Rio Station will be open for business starting July 2nd.  I don't think Zeke's Roadhouse will ever be replaced but there is still a good option for good cheap beer on Lincoln Rd.


  1. Love a new beer spot even if it's still kind of old. It's been a while since I've had a beer on Lincoln Rd and enjoyed the people watching. Speaking of old/new, I had my first experience at the Abbey last night off of Alton Rd. had a good time and even played darts! Will Rio Station have any bar games?

  2. From what I heard no darts or games, just smoothies,wraps, salads, and 25% less beer !

  3. bet they will end up raising prices for credit card processing fees and taxes

  4. The cash only scheme that Zeeks orchestrated for 12 years kept prices low, as tax free cash flowed into Thelma and victor"s pockets. I think they got tired of looking over their back's all the tine for the tax man.
    This is why I think they closed, wonder where they hid the millions in cash?


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