Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: Oak Creek Brewing's Amber Ale and Hefeweizen

My parent's recently were out in Sedona, AZ for vacation and instead of getting me a shirt they know I probably will never wear they made a better decision, they brought me back beer. They were staying by the Oak Creek Brewery and dropped in to pick me up a couple of beers to check out. They picked up an amber ale and a hefeweizin to check out. I usually try to only review only beers that are available in South Florida but I made an exception for a present from my parent.

I started out with the amber ale. It pours a nice shiny amber. The head starts out at about an inch and then dissipates to just a ring. The gives off some aromas of citrus and bread. The taste is very similar with the bread coming a little more forward. Not very much carbonation. Slightly watery. It finishes with a hit of the hops at the back of your mouth as the last drops leave your mouth. I feel like it leaves my mouth a bit dry. Might be one of the tricks built into the beer to get me to drink more of it. Overall not a bad beer. Not something I would go searching out but if it was around I definitely wouldn't turn it away.

The hefeweizen was up next. It pour a very orange/brown color. If I didn't know what it was I would think from the looks of it that it was apple cider. It has a few bits of sediment in it and is very hazy in appearance. No visible head. Very strong aroma of banana. The banana is also there in the taste as well. Clove and citrus notes are there as well. The mouth feel on this beer is much thicker than the amber ale. I could see myself enjoying a bunch of these on a hot day in Sedona. Very enjoyable wheat beer.

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  1. I discovered Hefeweizen at Fritz and Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables. I am totally in love with this bear, I can't find it bottled at any local shops, however. Where did you get yours?


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