Thursday, August 20, 2009

Burger and Beer Joint- South Beach, Miami

Over the last few weeks I had been talking with my compatriot, The Burger Beast, about trying to do something together with our blogs. The perfect opportunity came up when we heard about the opening of the Burger and Beer Joint, where our two worlds meld into one. The Burger and Beer Joint is located in the less touristy area of South Beach, west of Alton Road, by the Venetian Causeway. It is located next to a cluster of restaurants (Sardinia, Joe Allen's, etc.) that have had some staying power, considering the area. The Burger and Beer Joint is actually three different venues in one. You have the Burger and Beer Joint which is the restaurant portion and right now, the only section you can actually order the burgers in. You then have the B&B Sports Bar which is attached to the Burger and Beer Joint and can be accessed by going through an internal hallway or by using the Sports Bar's private entrance. Located upstairs is the B&B Lounge. It is only open Thursday-Saturday from 9:00PM-5:00AM. The lounge will feature jazz and more loungy music until about midnight and will then change over to DJs. The whole Joint also has a happy hour Monday-Thursday from 5:00PM-7:00PM and then again from 12:00AM-2:00AM which offers half off all drinks. And for you foodies, looking for a midnight snack, they have plans to keep the kitchen open until 2:00AM on the weekends as well.

My wife and I got to the Burger and Beer Joint a little early, so we decided to checkout the Sports Bar first. It has a very different feel than the restaurant because well, the Sports Bar felt very much like a sports bar; numerous TVs playing different games all over the room, a pool table towards the back, and drunken musings all over the wall. The walls are made of chalkboard so that people can leave their mark with drawings, messages, and graffiti. The bartender was very friendly as were the other patrons at the bar. I was handed a pretty extensive beer list and immediately, it seemed to be missing some major staples for a bar that was claiming to have 99 bottles of beer(they also have a few on draft as well) to choose from. I would later find out that they were waiting for an order from a distributor that happens to carry lots of my favorite beers, which was great to hear. I attempted to order a few different beers before I was able to find a beer they actually had in stock. Since it was their first week I didn't see this as a flaw but was instead glad to see that people had been ordering good beers. I finally settled on a Full Sail Ltd #2 Pale Lager. My wife wasn't drinking that night and wanted a non-alcoholic beer but they unfortunately didn't have any. Perhaps, they'll offer some in the future. After I got my beer, we headed back over to the restaurant to wait for the Burger Beast to arrive. Since the Miami New Times had mentioned that the Burger Beast and I were going to be checking out the restaurant, a crowd of Burger Beast followers had already begun to gather. Carlos Miller from NBCMiami and Jim Winters from Nikon Miami were also there to document the visit.

When Burger Beast arrived, we sat down at a table to try out the burger portion of this operation. We decided to get crazy and ordered the biggest burger I have ever seen in my life. The patty weighed in at TEN POUNDS. That's right, a ten pound patty along with a four-pound bun, topped with cheese, two toppings, a sauce and accompanied by two sides. I will say that we didn't even come close to remotely finishing this monstrosity. It was quite the experience but to read more about the burger and other things we ordered, you should check out the Burger Beast's blog.

When it came time to ordering a beer with our meal, the Burger Beast gave me the task of picking a beer for him. Since he enjoys Killian's Red and wanted to try something new I ordered him the closest thing they had on the menu, Murphy's Irish Red, but it turns out they were also out of that. I decided we were both just going to stick with a Full Sail Ltd #2 Pale Lager and thankfully, the Burger Beast liked it. Again, I'm not going to fault the place for being low on inventory the first week. It's good to see a place like this doing so well on its first week out and I love the enthusiasm behind wanting 99 bottles of beer on the wall. Although the location has never held the same business very long I think the Burger and Beer Joint, sports bar and lounge will do really well. I was also told that they're already talking about doing some beer events there in the near future. I'm looking forward to checking back shortly to see how things are going. If you are in the area you should stop by for a burger and a beer. You won't be disappointed.

Burger and Beer Joint
Burger and Beer Joint Facebook Page
1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL



  1. You're not gonna tell everyone how you coerced me into ordering another burger?

  2. Does that place have just drafts or is it sticking to the "99 bottles" motif?

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