Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dogfish Head takes over South Florida

One of Delaware's biggest exports these days comes from the little brewery that could, Dogfish Head. Not only have they been at the forefront of the craft beer movement they have also been involved in making some of the most ancient beer recipes known to man. You'll be able to try some of these ancient ales and also one of their newest over the next few days.

Tonight(Thursday, Dec. 17th) Pacific Time and Dogfish Head will be host an Ancient Ales Beer Dinner. This once in a lifetime event features a five course meal paired up with DFH's ancient ales. These are beers that recipes have been around for thousands of years. You'll get a chance to taste them with an amazing selection of food tonight. You can read all about it here.

Thursday, December 17th
Pacific Time
35 NE 40th St.
Miami, FL
Then Friday you'll have a chance to try Dogfish Head's collaboration with Sierra Nevada, Life & Limb. Sierra Nevada rep Andrew Bradley will bring a few of the remaining bottles of the rare beer to Abraxas to try free samples of. There were only a few cases of the beer in South Florida and from what I can tell they have all be scooped up already. This could be your only chance to try this great beer. Abraxas will not only have Life & Limb for you to try but will also have Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout and Olde School Barleywine on tap. Not only are these beers rare in bottle but extremely rare on tap. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to try these rare beers. The fun starts at 9pm.

Friday, December 18th

407 Meridian Ave
Miami Beach, FL
If you are unable to make it to either of these events and still want to get in on some rare Dogfish Head beers I suggest you head out to your local beer store and pick up a bottle of their Squall IPA. This is an collaboration with clothing company Rogues Gallery. The beer is based off DFH's 90min IPA but with a lot more hops. Be sure to get it while you can. You can see more about it in the video below.

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