Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup at Abraxas

I know nothing about soccer.  I've heard of David Beckham and Pele and that is the extent of my soccer knowledge.  Every bar/lounge/restaurant/back alley seems to be having some sort of event around the World Cup, so I must be missing something.  At very few will you be able to enjoy great beer while watching the game.  Abraxas is helping to change that.  They will be open during all games of the World Cup.  That means if a game is on at 10am they will be open.  Not only are they going to be open to enjoy the games but they are also going to have great beer special during the games.  Lots of beers marked down for only $4.  All the fun starts tomorrow. 

407 Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 534-9005


  1. Take a look at our Beer List and you will find 75 beers marked with an 'x'. These beers will be $4 during any 2010 FIFA World Cup games! we will be open for ALL games, including those at 7:30 am!!!


  2. I went for a game at 10am last week and not only were they not open, but when a guy came with the key he was rude about it. He seemed surprised that someone was there so early and said the bar would open "later" and closed the door behind him with no further explanation, while I tried to ask why the change. Nice.


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