Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review: Full Sail LTD Series #2 Pale Lager

Full Sail really is a brewery that I don't give enough recognition to sometimes. It's never the first beer I reach for at the store or order at the bar but whenever I do end up having one, I'm usually pleasantly surprised. The LTD Series #2 is yet another pleasant surprise from Full Sail. It pours nicely with not very much carbonation, giving it a very thin head. It's a nice light clear amber color. The aroma of the sweet maltiness cannot be missed. It drinks a enjoyably smooth, slightly-sticky feel in your mouth. It has a taste of sweet malt with only a very slight bitterness at the end, that dissipates quickly. This is the beer that the every day Bud drinker wishes they were drinking. It doesn't have too much complexity to overwhelm some people but it does have enough taste to make you want to drink more.

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  1. I highly enjoy Full Sail as well.... nice, clean finish.


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