Friday, May 22, 2009

On The Road Again...

I'm off to do some traveling for Memorial Day weekend. We are heading up to Boston for a Red Sox game and some good beer bars tonight. I'll see how Fenway's beer selection measures up to Land Sharks'. On Sunday we'll be heading to Maine to head to what is rated the top beer bar in the US, Ebenezer's. If we have time I'm going to try to hit up some of the great breweries in the New England area as well. Does anyone have any other suggestion of places I should check out while I'm up in New England?


  1. I just checked ebenezers draft list and its crazy. I dont even want to know what they have in bottles due to the fact my head may explode. have fun dave and carol and save travels and dont over do it cause in a weeks time we will be on our way to DC for Savor!

  2. You must hit up sunset grill in Allston- they have over 112 beers on tap.


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