Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beer Group Meetups is a website that brings like minded individuals together for a common interest. Right now in South Florida we have three active beer meetup groups. Some move from place to place and some are at one location. To get more info and to join each group you can just click on the title and it will take you to that meetup group.

South Florida Beer Drinkers Meetup
The South Florida Beer Drinkers Meetup has been around for a while now and is run by Chris who works for Fresh Beer Distribution. This gives Chris a chance to get the meet up group into different venues around the South Florida area(though it has mostly been in Miami). The meetups so far have been lots of fun. The meetup has been doing a BJCP(Beer Judge Certification Program) Style Guideline tasting every other Wednesday at Abraxas on South Beach. The next less informal meetup is going to be on Wednesday, July 1st at 7pm at Town Kitchen and Bar in South Miami. Join the meet up to get all the upcoming information on the them.

The Boca Beer Lovers Meetup
The Boca Beer Lovers Meetup is another meetup in the Boca/Palm Beach/Broward area. Jonathan from Case and Keg brought this meetup together. They usually meet once a month at the Case and Keg in Boca. Their next regular monthly meetup will be on Tuesday, July 21st. Jonathan is also getting together a roadtrip for Saturday, July 25th. They are renting a bus and hitting up some great spots north of Boca. You can see more info on the road trip here. Join the meetup group and stay up to date on all of their events.

Lola's "Beer Geeks Anonymous" Meetup
Lola's "Beer Geeks Anonymous" Meetup is a meetup at Lola's on Harrison in Hollywood. It is a weekly meetup that features five all you drink samples of craft beers and all you can eat chicken wings and nachos for $18 and $3 bottles on Wednesdays. The meetup also has various other beer dinner events, bar crawls and other activities at Lola's and around Hollywood. Join the group to get all the info on upcoming events.

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