Friday, June 5, 2009

Club Yard House?

When I lived up in Gainesville their was a Publix near the UF campus that whenever I went I swear people were dressed up like they were going out to a club so we would always call it Club Publix. Thus when I went to the Yard House in Coral Gables Thursday night I was greeted by a line at the door with a door man letting people in. People were dressed like they were going to a nightclub not to a restaurant. It was great to see the Yard House doing so well so shortly after it had opened but when you want to just go to get a good beer and not have to stand in a line or be crammed in with a bunch of people it looks like the Yard House isn't the place to go on a Thursday night. I will have to just hit up the Yard House earlier in the day. I hope that the people that are going are enjoying the great beer selection and will help get other bars and stores in the area to carry these beers.


  1. Hey Dave,
    Great blog. Nice to see craft beer creeping its way into the S FL landscape. As for the post, the Palm Beach Gardens Yard House is no different. I guess that's just the way it is down here. Personally, I will just live with it. Before they opened, you were lucky to find a decent pint of Guinness - at an Irish pub no less. No we have 100+ taps of the good stuff. I can put up with a few dorks in club wear!

  2. I agree. I'm willing to put up with the people if I could just get into the place.

  3. If anyone is familiar with Davie, there is a place called Ye Old Falcon Pub on University just north of 595 and it has some good brews that they change seasonally. Pretty decent food too.

  4. Hey really appreciate what you're doing on the blog here. Being a South Florida native who has lived elsewhere, the sparse number of decent beer places is extremely noticeable. I am willing to try anything South Florida has to offer in terms of beer, so I recently went to the Yard House at the casino in Hallandale...

    Personally, I thought I was having a nightmare. Sure I read up a bit on the company before hand, and combined with the fact that it was at the casino I didn't have high hopes... But 150+ taps or whatever could not cover up the horrible service, food, and extremely club-like atmosphere. I just don't get how this is supposed to work. Obviously it works for some people (the place was freaking busy).

    Sorry for getting emotional.

    Important to note: if you ever thought the idea of putting ice cream and beer together in the same glass, they sell beer floats at the Yard House.


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