Wednesday, July 29, 2009

President's choice.... Bud Light?!?

Tomorrow, President Barack Obama will meet with Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Cambridge, MA Police Sgt., James Crowley, to have a beer. The beer is a symbolic attempt to smooth over an incident that involved Prof. Gates' erroneous arrest for breaking into his own house after he had locked himself out. Each of them is choosing their favorite beer to drink. So now, I'm sure you are thinking that the President will be choosing from one of the many American-owned beer companies that the US has. Well you would be partly correct. His choice....drumroll please....Bud Light. Bud Light was made by Anheuser-Busch out of St. Louis, MO and was recently purchased by the Belgian company formerly known as InBev, which rebranded as AB InBev. It's too bad that with the current economy, the President didn't choose a beer that was owned by an American company, that could use the publicity. What do you think of the President's choice?


  1. I think there's a reason why people with beer obsessions do not become President... Maybe it's better this way.

  2. I think the President is obviously not a beer drinker. Bud Light tastes like water mixed with farts. I predict Crowley goes for a Sam Adams and does Boston proud.

  3. Obama is right. Bud is still an american icon, and i don't know why you're so odsession about his choice, the Belgium brewery did a favor for all americans maybe we can have a good beer now.

  4. I think it shows that he's into hobo piss. I'm sure his farts stink in the morning. I feel sorry for Michelle. Hopefully she doesn't get a dutch oven.

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