Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend of Dogfish Head

If you are a fan of beers by the always ingenius brewers over at Dogfish Head brewery you are in for a real treat this weekend. Their are two great events going on this weekend. One in Miami and one in Lake Worth. If you live in either area, or anywhere in between, these are some great, hard to find beers that aren't to be missed. If you are new to Dogfish Head this is a great way to get introduced to them.

Abraxas in South Beach
This event will take place at Abraxas starting on Friday and will continue all weekend long (or until they run out of beer). They will be featuring some of Dogfish Head's best and most difficult beers to find. On draft, they will have Burton Baton (if you missed this at the Abbey before you don't want to miss it again), Palo Santo and 90 Minute IPA. Along with these excellent beers, they will also have lots of other great bottled beer from Dogfish Head like their 120 Minute, 60 Minute, Festina Peche, Raison D'etre, Indian Brown, World Wide Stout, and Red and White. Remember, all the Dogfish Head beers will be on special all weekend long.

BX Beer Depot in Lake Worth
The other Dogfish Head tasting is going to be quite an event as well. They will be featuring more of the hard-to-get DFH beers on draft. They will have Palo Santo, Midas Touch, Burton Baton, Chicory Stout, and Indian Brown. The event goes from 6pm-10pm and will run you about $6 for a 9oz pour of these unique kegs. You'll want to get there early, as the first 10 people will receive a free Dogfish Head snifter glass. To find out more info about this event and all the other great things they have going on, you can check out the BX Beer Depot website here.

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