Monday, March 1, 2010

Help Support Brewpubs Selling Beer To Go

Florida has come a long way in the beer world in the last few years. We now have a great selection of beers to choose from and you can buy growlers of beer at stores. One thing you still can't do though is buy beer from your local brewpub to drink at home. I'm sure there have been nights when you've sat at home and thought, "Boy, I would love one of those great beers they make over at (insert local brewpub name here) but I just don't feel like running out to the bar tonight. I wish I could just grab one out of the fridge." Well, the day has come to help make your dreams come true. Here is what the Florida Brewers Guild is asking you to do.

"We have a potential sponsor in the FL House to introduce legislation as a companion bill to Senate Bill 2062, but he is hesitant to keep the provision that would allow brewpubs to sell for off-premise consumption. We need you to send an email ASAP to Rep. Mike Horner, thanking him for considering sponsoring a companion bill to Senate Bill 2062, and state that you support legislation to allow brewpubs to sell for off-premise consumption. Use the following link:

The deadline for Representatives to submit bills for this years session is tomorrow, so please ACT NOW!!!!!!!!"

Do your part and help your local brewpub...and yourself.


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