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Southern Tier Brewing Comes to South Florida

If the continuous flow of great breweries coming into Florida never stops that would be fine with me. This month we can welcome a brewery that's new to most but a don't-miss. It will probably be one of your new favorite breweries. Southern Tier, from Southern New York, has finally come to town and with quite a selection. They will have four 12oz sixpacks and four 22oz bottles available year round with seasonals/limited releases rotating throughout the year (right now we have three). The other great thing about all of these beers are that they are pretty inexpensive for such great beer. Check the events calendar for upcoming launch parties. Here is what they say about each of the beers that are now available.

Year-round Beers


the iso-alpha acid experience

IPA stands for India Pale Ale and ours is an American version of the classic style. IPA’s namesake lies in its colonial roots. British soldiers on their way to India drank a lot of beer, but found it would go stale on the long voyages. Meanwhile, brewers knew that by adding more hops the beer would stay fresh. Voila! A new style was born and it is one we are proud to brew. Southern Tier IPA is tripled on its journey to your glass for a fully aromatic experience.
6.9% abv • 11.4ºL • India Pale Ale

phin & matt’s

brewed with American hops & barley

When we sat down to collaborate on this beer, we knew we had to create something extraordinary. After sampling a wide array of great beers, we hit upon an idea: use vast amounts of whole hops, the finest malted barley North America has to offer, and crystal filtered artesian water. Thus creating this classic American style pale ale.
5.4% abv • 7.3ºL • American Pale Ale


don’t be afraid of the dark

Porter is our darkest beer, but not necessarily our strongest. It is widely held that the darker the beer, the stronger the beer, but this is summarily false. The contribution of color comes directly from the color of malt that we use. Some malt is roasted to achieve dark color and coffee-like flavor which in turn get transferred to the beer. Our Porter is richly complex with overtones of chocolate and espresso beans followed by a subtle flavor of hops. It’s a nourishing beer without being too sweet or filling.
5.6% • abv • 46.7ºL • Robust Porter

raspberry wheat beer

malt beverage brewed with raspberries

A golden wheat beer brewed with the finest North American malted barley and wheat. It’s then lightly hopped with the choicest European varieties. This smooth, crisp golden wheat beer is then finished with a hint of raspberry. Enjoy this beer any time of year.
4.6% abv • 4.2ºL • Raspberry Wheat Beer

422 pale wheat ale

“make everyday earth day!”

Pour 422 Pale Wheat Ale into a pint glass, give it a long whiff and you’ll realize that this isn’t your average pale golden wheat. Preserved in its unfiltered state, 422 is a fantastic session ale in which flavors of wheat, barley and hops commingle to a refreshing and zesty conclusion. Hints of orange and sweet malts waft to the fore as a touch of bitterness contributes to a smooth finish. 422 is brewed as a tribute to preserving our precious planet and it’s environment. It is responsibly packaged with over 80% recycled consumer products and is completely recyclable. Enjoy 422 all year as to take one stride closer to a eco-friendly life.
5.8% abv • 5.0ºL • Pale Wheat Ale


unearthly Imperial IPA

an uninhibited infusion of hops

At the Southern Tier Brewing Company, vigorously hopped beer is our standard and inspiration. We continue a commitment to innovation with our most aggressive offering yet. Unearthly is a manifestation of the brewer’s craft; skillfully balancing art and the forces of nature to produce a divine liquid. Delicately pour a taste into a fluted glass. Smell the enchanting aromas of the hops waft forward as your first sip divulges this beer’s fervent soul. To underestimate Unearthly is to trifle with the mysteries of the universe, so please consume wisely.
9.8% abv • 15.6ºL • Imperial India Pale Ale • 22 oz

hoppe Imperial Extra Pale Ale

an ale of simple composition

The simplicity of Hoppe tests the skill and ability of the brewer to create something truly majestic. We craft this much like a sculptor who uses only a hammer and chisel to shape stone into a masterpiece. Hoppe is spawned of these few essentials: barley, wheat, hops, yeast and water. This limited palette is an exercise in minimalism, with refined elements which are deliberately selected. This simple combination creates a golden shimmering brew infused with delicate aromas. The artful nature of this beer is exposed with the first taste. As the malt and hops create a composition of flavors, an elegant finish leaves an impression that your tastes will not soon forget.
8.3% abv. • 8.5ºL • Imperial Extra Pale Ale • 22 oz (pronounced 'hop')

big red Imperial Red Ale

fueled by creativity & imagination

Inspiration can sometimes be found in the strangest of places. This eccentric brew started with a single flower from a hop named Hallertau. The delicate and spicy aroma present in this flower has been responsible for generations of great beers. Hallertau hops are to a brewer what an old tractor is to a farmer: reliable. Big Red expresses the nobility of Hallertau by placing it at the forefront of this Imperial Ale. Pour it into a snifter. A swirl allows the spicy aromas to come forward as a taste to the lips reveals the complex balance between sweet malts and the bitterness of hops. Big Red’s ability to please is as dependable as your grandpa’s old tractor, and just as powerful–so please don’t drink and drive.
9.5% abv • 15ºL • Imperial Red Ale • 22 oz

iniquity Imperial Black Ale

“the antithesis of unearthly”

The hexagram talisman has been used around the world for centuries to invoke magic and good luck. The six–point star is also the customary symbol of the brewer, representing the essential aspects of purity: water, hops, grain, malt, yeast, and of course, the brewer. Wishes of good fortune often collaborate with the brewer’s creativity to yield dramatic results. We carefully chose the name for this Imperial India Black Ale, Iniquity – a word opposing goodness. Why? This beer is contrary to what one may expect from an IPA; this is an ale as black as night. It is the antithesis of Unearthly. Some may consider it an immoral act to blacken an ale. We suggest they don’t rely on conventional standards. Allow the darkness to consume you. Cheers!
8.9% abv • Imperial Black Ale • 22 oz

Limited Release Imperial

gemini Imperial Blended Ale

blended unearthly & unfiltered hoppe

High in the winter sky, two parallel stick figures are visible & known as “the twins,” or the constellation Gemini. The astronauts of the 1960s flew as teams of two in a program named after the celestial pairing. At Southern Tier, we have our own fraternal twins, Hoppe & Unearthly. Blended together & placed in this vessel, the mission of our Gemini is to travel high & take passengers on a journey far into the heavens.
9.0% abv • 11.7ºL • 22oz.

Blackwater Series Imperial Stouts


choklat stout

Imperial Chocolate Stout

the ancients called it 'food for the gods'


The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage known as xocoatl (ch-co-atle). At Southern Tier, we’re not surprised that hieroglyphs of the ancient Maya depict chocolate being poured for rulers and gods. Even through the many voyages of Columbus, the mystical bean remained nothing more than a strange currency of the native peoples.

Moving through centuries, the circular journey of cacao has been realized in our brewing house, encompassing the complexity of the darkest, bitter-sweet candy together with the original frothy cold beverage of the ancient Maya to bring to you our Blackwater Series Choklat Stout. We have combined the finest ingredients to tempt your senses & renew the power & interrelation of history in every bottle.
9.5% abv • 195º L • Imperial Chocolate Stout • 22 oz
2-row barley / caramel 60 malt / barley flakes / chocolate malt / bittersweet Belgian chocolate / kettle hops: chinook & willamette


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