Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: Sierra Nevada Rhymes Wit

I always love trying a new beer. It makes it even better when I get to try it with the person that was involved in brewing it. This past Friday at Abraxas I got to have one of those rare times I get to try the beer with the brewer. Diego, owner of Abraxas, was invited to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp this past February to work with others that were invited to Beer Camp to brew what would become Rhymes Wit. Abraxas is one of the only bars in the country that you will be able to try this beer at. Rhymes Wit is a Belgian style Wit beer that is available on draft only. The beer has a nice tan hazy color to it with a small amount of puffy white head. Placing my nose into the cup I picked up the pleasant smell of citrus with a slight bit of pepper. The taste is is very similar to the aroma with the pepper moving a little infront of the citrus. The citrus is not quite as evident as you think it would be but is the perfect level for me. The nice light mouthfeel made this a very easy drinking beer. Rhymes Wit left me with a juicy after taste that made me want to come back for another sip. Overall, this was a great wit beer and for a first attempt brew an amazingly pleasant surprise. There is only a very limited amount of this beer available so make sure to head over to Abraxas sooner than later before it is gone. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Another solid offering from Sierra Nevada. After drinking all the bourbon barrel-aged stuff everyone shared, this wit was a crisp, refreshing change of pace. Wish I could get nice bomber of this and drink it on a hot FL day.

  2. In the Uk you can drink alcohol pretty much anywhere that you can eat. This is something that I have struggled with a bit in the US as there are many places where this is not the case. I went to a dennys or something similar and was ordering a steak (that was a whole different mistake) and thought it would be nice to have a beer with it, and I was looked at as if I was a mad man.
    Ordering the correct beer with a meal is still an art if not more so then doing the same with wine as the beer has to be rather strong to be able to the get control of the flavours!!
    I am with you man

  3. It was good stuff. A little delicate for me to pull much aroma, especially in a smoky bar.


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