Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review: Erie Brewing's Railbender Ale

The Erie Brewing Company's Railbender Ale was the winner of the Gold Medal in the Scottish Ale Style at the Great American Beer Festival this year. When I saw it at a Whole Foods in Naples I figured it would be a safe bet to try out this award winning beer and happily it lived up to the hype, mostly. It poured a nice clear amber without much of a head and the aroma was quite sweet with some toastiness thrown in. The taste wasn't much different. The mouth feel was pretty thin with some carbonation, almost reminding me of a soda until the slight bite of hops at the end. Overall, not a bad beer but just not sure it is gold medal-winner material.


  1. This is the worst review of a product (any product) that I have ever read in my life. I guess that if the author is unable cut & paste off a copy of the Fresh Beer press release, he can't write about beer!

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